Welcome to This Ain't Fake News.

Here, we will try to present actual unfiltered news on actual U.S.A. state and national legislation touching on issues that are very real. Our source will be via .gov sites that host information about pending or passed bills/laws that impact all Americans' lives.

It is our intent to present information in an unbiased way that allows all of us to make informed decisions about how our Representative Constitutional Republic is actually working, either good or bad. The verdict on that will be up to YOU, the researcher.

We'll also busy with those links>>>

Meanwhile, know that I (and hopefully some other folks) will be scouring the .gov universe as well as some other honest brokers of information.

Also, please stay tuned for additional features in the works such as
  • polls on different topics
  • state legislation trackers
  • email alerts
  • join our team and our community
and much more.

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